Welcome to Palm Beach Native

Whether you’re actually a Palm Beach Native or you just love vintage tropical scenes. Or, perhaps you have a special affinity for the enchanting look of native Palm Beach, this is the place for you. The remarkable history of Southeast Florida, with Flagler’s establishment of Palm Beach as the nations premier resort, is captured in our collection. While our name reflects our special Island Landmark, the archives of Palm Beach Native cover most counties in Florida, Caribbean locales, and a host of vintage tropical memorabilia and themes in general. We like surf, so we have some Hawaii too!

Palm Beach Native is the creation of Jefferson Blakeslee, a native of Palm Beach, who moved north in 1975 to Minneapolis, MN.   It’s a long story that he loves to bore people with, during the next 35 years, Jefferson likes to say he established The Palm Beach Native archive to “stay warm, especially in the below-zero winters”.  His love of the the classic images of native Palm Beach, the early 1900’s Lake Trail scenes and famous landmarks were the beginning. Over time Palm Beach Native came to cover most of the counties in Florida, and grew to include over 700 tropical memorabilia images. In 2014 Palm Beach Native “moved back home” to Jupiter FL, and Jefferson is pleased to have the Palm Beach Native archive back where it belongs – near the gulfstream!

palm beach lake trail with cocoanut palms